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Type: annual/flower
Considered a: full sun plant

Available Colors: yellow and orange
Width: 10-15 inches
Height: 10-15 inches

General Growing Requirements

Sun Light: full sun
Soil Conditions: good top soil
Water Requirements:
Plant Food: very little feed
Growing Characteristics: mounding
Spacing: 12-15 inches
We grow this plant in:
market pack #3 pots
#4 pots #6 - 8 pots
#10 hanging baskets
combination containers

Grower's Comments and General Information:

A medium height large flower marigold the Incas are very showy in the garden. These plants grow 12-14 inches tall with the Orange Inca showing flowers 4-5 inches across and the Yellow Inca showing flowers 6-8 inches across. It has been said that the Inca Marigold helps to keep the 'critters' away from the vegetable garden but there has been no real evidence that this will happen. They enjoy a moist soil and are fast growers in the garden especially if you apply a slow-release fertilizer after planting. These annuals give a nice show of fall colors in the garden since by September and October they are fully matured and able to tolerate a bit of frost.

Special Considerations:

deer resistance
drought tolerant
attracts butterflies & hummingbirds

Common pests or problems: None

Planting recommendations:

plant in ground
plant in hanging baskets
plant in large container
plant in window box
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