Type: annual/flower
Considered a: full sun plant

Available Colors:
Width: 24-30 inches
Height: 24 to 30 inches

General Growing Requirements

Sun Light: full sun
Soil Conditions: loomy
Water Requirements:
Plant Food: moderate feed good quality plant food on regular basis
Growing Characteristics: mounding
Spacing: 2-4 feet
GRASS: FIRE WORKS Pennisetum setaceum
GRASS: FIRE WORKS Pennisetum setaceumGRASS: FIRE WORKS Pennisetum setaceum
We grow this plant in:
market pack #3 pots
#4 pots #6 - 8 pots
#10 hanging baskets
combination containers

Grower's Comments and General Information:

Found by Ron Strasko of Creek Hill Nursery, ?Fireworks? promises to be the NEXT BIG THING in ornamental grasses. Grown as an annual, this wonderful new selection will make the perfect compliment in mixed containers for sun. The white and pink striping is variable and the color changes in hot and cold weather. Upright growing, reaching 24-30-inches tall with purple tassels in late summer above the plants.

Special Considerations:

deer resistance
drought tolerant
attracts butterflies & hummingbirds

Common pests or problems: NONE

Planting recommendations:

plant in ground
plant in hanging baskets
plant in large container
plant in window box
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