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1) AGASTCHE: Asgastche is one of the best plants for attracting Hummingbirds to your garden. Asgastche is actually in the herb family and can be a perennial in some areas. I has been call Hummingbird mints. It is ... [more]
2) AGERATUM: Ageratum is a great blue flower for the garden. It is the perfect plant for edging a garden. It can be planted out after the last frost of spring and will continue to flower until the first frost in ... [more]
3) ALYSSUM: Alyssum is a hardy annual native to Southern Europe. Dense clusters of tiny flowers bloom continously throughtout the growing season. Alyssum is a compact, rapid growing plant which once established is drought tolerant and heat resistant. It thrives ... [more]
4) ANGELONIA CARITA DEEP PURPLE: Angelonia does best in sites with full sun and average, well drained soil. It is freeze sensitive but will take a few degrees of frost. It is also heat tolerant, though flower production will slow in the hottest weather. Plant in ... [more]
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