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1) DAHLIAS: FIGARO SERIES: This annual will grow from 12 to 14 inches in the garden. Be sure and plant these after the fear of frost is gone. It enjoys rich,well-drained soil and comes in many stricking colors. By planting these in mostly sun it ... [more]
2) DAISIES (ARGYRANTHEMUM): Growing about 15 inch high in the landscape they are very easy to grow. Be sure to plant these in mostly sun with a bit of lime in a light soil mix. These daisies have very showy flowers and can be ... [more]
3) DIAMOND FROST(EUPHORBIA): What a beautiful addition to the choices for the summer garden or container! It produces non-stop clouds of airy white blooms. It will flower all season long with a minimal amount of maintenance. Keep the soil damp but it is heat ... [more]
4) DIANTHUS: A wonderful addition to the typical garden annuals. It is early flowering and can tolerate some frost as well as being disease and pest free. Be sure and give it plenty of sun and do not let this plant dryout. Growing ... [more]
5) DIASCIA: Being a very sturdy performer it does well from early spring thru the fall. Plant in the sun to part sun and be careful not to overwater. This annual comes in several intense colors and is very florific with a sturdy ... [more]
6) DICHONDRA SILVER FALLS: Perfect for hanging baskets or stunning ground cover in the garden! Let your hanging baskets and sunny annual bed really gleam this year with Silver Falls, the stunning foliage plant that sports velvety-soft silvery leaves, glistening silver stems, and a never-say-quit ... [more]
7) DUSTY MILLER: In general, this is a very easy annual to grow as long as the soil is kept moist to dry and the yellow flowers are removed to promote good leaf growth. Pruning periodically will also help to maintain a low bushy ... [more]
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