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1) MANDELVILLA-ALICE DUPONT: WOW! What a flower! This tender woody vine provides a non-stop bounty of large pink trumpet-like flowers against attractive green foliage.It grows best in the sun yet it will tolerate abit of shade. It is a fast grower but the soil ... [more]
2) MANDELVILLA-RED: The red variety of Manevilla is not quite the grower that the pink variety is. However, it makes a great container plant and provides beautiful red flowers all Summer. [more]
3) MARIGOLD: BOY SERIES: Not only does this annual look well throughout a normal summer season but their yellow and orange colors take you right into the fall with a beautiful show of developed flowers. They may go dormant for a short while during ... [more]
4) MARIGOLD: INCA: A medium height large flower marigold the Incas are very showy in the garden. These plants grow 12-14 inches tall with the Orange Inca showing flowers 4-5 inches across and the Yellow Inca showing flowers 6-8 inches across. It has been ... [more]
5) MECARDONIA: Small green leaves are covered with yellow nemesia-like flowers from May through October, excellent heat tolerance. Low Maintenance; Deadheading Not Necessary-Self Cleaning Great in landscapes and container combinations. GoldDust has a trailing habit and is classified as a ... [more]
6) MELAMPODIUM: This is the plant that seems to grow in spite of neglect! It nevers tells if it has been neglected out by the lamp post or beyond the hose line! Although it only comes in yellow flowers they bloom profusely. It ... [more]
7) MILLION BELLS (CALABRACOA): Calibracoa is a member of the potato family and has most of the features of a petunia, except everything is shrunk down to about one-quarter scale. Flowers, available in many colors from yellow to pink and purple, have the familiar petunia ... [more]
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