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1) SALVIA: A standard in many summer gardens this annual has showy unique spike-like flowers in red,white and purple. It grows in full sun and does best in well drained moist soil. It seems to grow very uniformily but keep in mind it ... [more]
2) SALVIA VELOCITY BLUE: Full, branching plants come into bloom quickly and display rich color well into late summer. The large 3-4-inch flower spikes are awash in rich deep blue, cooling sky blue and crisp, clean white. We planted several containers of the Mix for ... [more]
3) SCAEVOLA: Even though Scaevola is a heat lover is does tolerate a wide range of conditions. It has a poor frost tolerance yet it is a tough plant. It blooms all season in a good deal of sun. It is a low ... [more]
4) SNAPDRAGON BUTTERFLY: The antirrhinum Dragon series from the Ecke Ranch offers growers a new face in the snapdragon class. Dragons? flowers have a unique and interesting open-faced form. Th e plants are very fl oriferous, upright and compact. Dragons can be grown in ... [more]
5) SNAPDRAGONS-DWARF: The Tahiti variety grows only 6 to 8 inches tall in sun to part sun.They will grow best in a rich well-drained soil high in organic matter.It is possible to plant these annuals early into the season since they have an ... [more]
6) SPIKES (DRECAENA): A perfect centerpiece for any size container these green spikes can grow up to 18 inches tall and easily adapt to most soil types. They are cold hardy and do well in most light levels. Even though they do not produce ... [more]
7) STRAWFLOWER-BRACTEANTHA: Formerly known as Helichrysums, Bracteantha bracteata belongs to the Asteraceae family and are affectionately known as Paper Daisies, the Everlasting Daisy or Strawflowers. And each of these names are apt. Their glowing flowers blaze hotter than the noonday sun in such ... [more]
8) SUNPATIENS: Transform your garden with SunPatiens, the revolutionary new hybrid impatiens bred by Sakata. Tested in numerous independent trials across the U.S. and planted in a many large, highly visible public spaces worldwide, SunPatiens? have proven themselves in production, at retail and ... [more]
9) SWEET POTATO VINE: A vine that has taken over in popularity it is a very vigorous grower that grows in the sun to part sun. The trailing habit of this vine is very attractive in combinations but keep in mind it will take over ... [more]
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