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1) VEG: CUCUMBER BURPLESS: Cucumbers are best grown grouped into 3 or 4 plants in a single hill. If planted in rich soil, cucumbers will grow very quickly. Unless you plan on eating lots of cucumbers, plant sparingly as one hill will produce well. If ... [more]
2) VEG: EGG PLANT BLACK BEAUTY: 74 days. Introduced in 1902, it's been a dependable producer for over a denctury. Fruits are dark purple, high-quality and of fine flavor. Well adapted to the Mid-Atlantic area and southern states. Produces up to 15 fruits per plant. ... [more]
3) VEG: EGG PLANT: ICHIBAN: 61 days. Solanum melongena. Plant produces heavy yields of high quality 9-inch long by 1 1/2-inch wide dark purple eggplants. It is so dark purple that the eggplants are almost black in color. Very flavorful and tender. Excellent for Oriental dishes. ... [more]
4) VEG: PEPPERS-HOT IT FRYERS: The Hungarian wax pepper is a pastel yellow chile pepper also known as the hot yellow pepper or hot wax pepper. The Hungarian wax is closely related to the mild banana pepper. These peppers appear so much alike they cannot usually ... [more]
5) VEG: PEPPERS-JALAPENO: The Jalape?o is a small to medium-sized chile pepper that is prized for the hot, burning sensation that it produces in the mouth when eaten. Ripe, the jalape?o can be 2-3? inches (5-9 cm) and either red or more commonly green. ... [more]
6) VEG: PEPPERS-RED HOT CHERRY: Heavy crop of round red hot peppers. Hot, flattened globe shaped, deep green fruits 1 1/2 in. across turn cherry red. Heavy Crops. Harvest starts about 80 days after plants are set out. CAUTION: Use rubber gloves or clean hot peppers ... [more]
7) VEG: PEPPERS-SWEET BANANA: Sweet Banana Peppers are a favorite home garden vegetable. Sweet Banana peppers produce a smooth, tapered, yellow pepper, 6 inches long, 2 inches thick on plants that are 20 to 24 inches tall. Sweet Banana peppers may be fried, or used ... [more]
8) VEG: PEPPERS-SWEET BELL: Sweet Peppers are a favorite home garden vegetable. Serve them raw on relish platters, in salads, fried or stuffed. California Wonder Pepper fruits are approximately 4 inches in diameter by 4-1/2 inches long. After danger of frost is past, transplant outdoors ... [more]
9) VEG: PEPPERS-SWEET IT. FRYERS: Cubanelle sweet peppers are a favorite home garden vegetable. Cubanelle is a large frying pepper, 6-inch by 12-inch that may also be used raw on relish platters, in salads, or stuffed. Cubanelle peppers are light green, ripening to red. After danger ... [more]
10) VEG: TOMATO-BEEKSTEAK: Beef Master: [VFN DFZ] one of the largest beefsteak type tomatoes. Produces fruit up to 2 lbs. Very nice taste. If you want the biggest tomato in the neighborhood this is the one. 80 days until fruit. [more]
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